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      • The Content Technology Solutions division of Dow Jones (New York) has launched a Wealth Manager Web site that aggregates news feeds and presents wealth managers with reasons for making contact with clients, the company says.
      • Wasting no time reaching out to Microsoft Vista early adopters, Fidelity has released a Market Monitor gadget that Vista-using investors can use to keep an eye on their stocks. Gadgets are always-on mini-applications such as games, live webcams and traffic maps that can be downloaded free at www.gallery.live.com and sit in the miniature portal "Sidebar" section at the right of the Vista desktop screen. (Fidelity also offers its gadget at www.fidelity.com/beta.) The Fidelity gadget provides watch lists and stock charts similar to those at Yahoo Finance, but with Fidelity branding and graphics - stocks whose price has risen a lot, for instance, are shown in bright green, small price increases are darker green, black is neutral and stocks that are dropping are shown in various shades of red. Users pick any 25 securities to follow. For Macintosh users, Fidelity offers similar tools as a downloadable widget.
      • Today's Wall Street Journal provides a gruesomely fascinating account of Amaranth's final days ("Amid Amaranth's Crisis, Other Players Profited"). The mental image it conjures in the reader's mind is that of a pack of wolves, one of which has injured itself and lies dying of its wounds, the rest taking the biggest, juiciest hunks out of it they can while its heart still beats. The Amaranth fiasco continues to affect the industry. In addition to the SEC's efforts to regulate hedge funds, the SEC, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Financial Services Authority in London are investigating banks' and securities firms' lending practices to hedge funds.
      • The business intelligence movement rolls on and one of its targets/benefactors is Wall Street. It's a good fit -- after all, what buy-side or sell-side executive wouldn't want the most insightful views of the right pieces of data? In my first full week at Wall Street & Technology, I was briefed on three new or recently updated data analysis tools: one for analyzing the blogosphere for stock and company tips and rumors, one for analyzing SEC Edgar data, and one for portfolio backtesting. Here's what I found interesting.
      • The European Union's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is scheduled to go into effect in November 2007. Even U.S.-based firms will need to have a thorough strategic plan for compliance in order to stay competitive in the global markets.
      • Moody's Corp. -- the New York-based parent company of the credit rating, research and analysis firm Moody's Investors Service -- hired Perry Rotella as SVP and CIO. He will report to CEO Raymond McDaniel.
      • Capital markets firms enter 2007 amidst dramatic changes in their product offerings, customer relationships, organizational structures and markets.
      • Question: What business trend will have the biggest impact on asset managers in 2007, and how will it impact the IT department?
      • North American sales of wealth management platforms (WMPs) are expected to remain strong, reports Celent (Boston) in its recent ranking of WMP vendors.
      • Stock spamming experienced a major surge in 2006, according to a yearly recap and outlook report from San Bruno, Calif.-based e-mail and Web security vendor Ironport.
      • Two of the slowest areas of the retail brokerage industry to adopt process automation have been the direct business of mutual funds and annuities, according to new research from Boston-based Aite Group.

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