Tis The Season For Hacks: 5 Tips to Combat Holiday Fraud

Cyber fraud peaks during the holidays, here are some strategies fraud teams can use to prepare.
December 20, 2013

Battling a steady stream of malicious cyber attacks is hard enough, but there are actually peaks of fraudulent attacks due to seasonality and geography.

Mary Ann Miller, managing director of Fraud and Industry Relations at NICE Actimize explains cyber fraud peaks during the holidays between Christmas and New Years Eve. Simply explained, it's a more active time when shoppers are transacting on all different kinds of devices in all places.

Hackers see the holidays as an opportunity to launch substantial attacks because businesses are very preoccupied with business as usual-type activities. "Fraudsters understand this and try to blend in and commit their fraud."

Like Santa, security teams can turn to a list to prepare for the holiday season. Be sure to check it twice.

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