With automated trading accounting for as many as three out of every four trades on Wall Street, a crash brought on by a rogue algorithm was perhaps inevitable. Following the Knight Capital disaster, Advanced Trading's October digital issue examines the question that every buy-side trader should be asking: Are broker algorithms a ticking time bomb?

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Issue cover

In This Issue:

  • CAN YOU TRUST YOUR BROKERS' ALGOS? Knight Capital's implosion has shaken the buy side's faith in broker algorithms, and buy-side traders are putting a greater emphasis on algo testing than ever before.
  • HOW TO AVOID GETTING BURNED BY A ROGUE ALGO: Before Knight Capital, the buy side may have taken the safety of broker tools for granted. But now buy-side firms are demanding more transparency.
  • PLUS:
    - Does Your Broker Have an Algo Kill Switch?
    - Why Central Bank Intervention Is Ruining Automated Trading
    - Examining the Opportunities and Challenges of Swaps Reform
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