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 Credit Suisse
Dmitri Galinov, 212-325-2044
Last Updated:
Bill Cody, First Vice President, Instinet Crossing, 212-310-9514,
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 Investment Technology Group
ITG Marketing
Last Updated:
Dan Wolff, Director of Sales Operations
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 NYFIX Millennium
Millennium Sales, 212-809-3542,
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 NYFIX Transaction Services
Transaction Sales
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 Pipeline Trading Systems
Arthur Montuoro
Last Updated:
Timothy Gee
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CrossFinder was launched in 2004 and was built entirely in-house using proprietary technology.
1988. It was developed using the C programming language and runs on the VMS operating system.
POSIT MatchTM was introduced in 1987 in the U.S. as a technology based solution to the trade execution needs of quantitative and passive investment managers.
POSIT Now was intoruduced in May 2002.
POSIT Alert was introduced in October 2005.
Liquidnet was launched April 10, 2001.
Millennium was launched in 2001 and uses proprietary systems.
NYFIX Natural was launched in 2005 and uses proprietary systems.
Pipeline launched in September 2004.
The UBS liquidity pool was enhanced with the acquisition of Schwab Capital Markets in November 2004. We maintain a high-availability infrastructure, and our clients have access to smart-routing technology and execution tools that tap into UBS' retail and institutional liquidity pool.