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 Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
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 Deutsche Boerse AG and SWX Swiss Exchange
Stefan Engels, 49-69-211-15600,
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 IntercontinentalExchage (ICE)
John Hill, 646-733-5000,
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 Montreal Exchange
Glenn Goucher, 514-871-7870,
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 Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd.
Yukiko YAMAGUCHI, Public & Investor Relations, 81-6-4706-800,
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 Sydney Futures Exchange
J. Johnston, 612-9256-0504,
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 U.S. Exchange Holdings, Inc.
Ken Sorenson, 312-544-1100,
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As a leader in electronically traded derivatives products, CME customers are able to access the widest array of benchmark futures and options contracts via the CME Globex electronic trading platform. Trading on CME Globex is available on a single platform, 24 hours a day - more than any other exchange in the world. Customers can access the CME Globex trading platform through 740 direct connections in 27 countries around the world.
Eurex is the world's largest futures and options exchange and features open, democratic, low-cost electronic access worldwide. Eurex offers a range of international benchmark products and operates the most-liquid fixed-income markets in the world. Trading volume at Eurex exceeded 630 million contracts in the first half of 2005. Using Eurex Clearing, participants benefit from a high-quality, comprehensive trading and clearing service via a single system.
IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) operates the leading electronic global futures and OTC marketplace for trading an array of energy commodity contracts on its Internet-based trading platform. These contracts include oil, natural gas and power. ICE conducts its markets for futures trading through its subsidiary, the International Petroleum Exchange. ICE also offers services to support the broader trading and risk management infrastructure, including cleared OTC products, electronic trade confirmations and market data.
The Canadian financial futures and options market. Approved direct access participants connect through Montreal, Toronto, New York, Chicago and London. Most major ISV's certified, offering MMTP and FIX gateways.
Auction trading (with limit & market orders), intermonth spread trading, large block cross trading
24 hour computerised system
Eurex US is a fully electronic U.S.-based futures and options exchange offering equal, open access to a broad range of interest rate, equity index and foreign exchange products. Launched in 2004, Eurex US offers 23-hour trading in Russell 1000 and Russell 2000 Index futures, U.S. Treasury notes and bonds futures, and foreign-exchange futures. Eurex US' goal is to provide transparent, liquid contract markets for each of its customers to utilize for risk management, price discovery and investment purposes.