November 27, 2013

Etrali Trading Solutions, a lead provider of voice and electronic trading infrastructure, announced the delivery of the offering across Societe Generale's new trading floor in Paris.

Etrali is providing their entire trading communications suite including Open Trade turret positions and recording services, a communication platform that integrates multimedia channels, including mobile. SocGen will also connect to Etrali's Trading Community Services network, TCSnet, a dedicated trading network, which connects the financial community to its global counterparties according to the press release.

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"As a result of the combined work between Etrali Trading Solutions and Societe Generale’s IT and Sourcing departments, the Paris deployment is part of a series of roll-outs by Societe Generale. It will see Etrali Trading Solutions provide further Open Trade platforms and trading services to the bank across the globe. The turrets went live in New York in August this year. The Paris trading floor will go live in December 2013 and more turrets for European cities (Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Luxembourg) are scheduled to follow in Q1 next year."

Lionel Grosclaude, CEO of Etrali Trading Solutions makes the case that the global rollout of Open Table highlights the connectivity of the market, and requires integration across multiple communication media.

He explains, "When looking at today's trading landscape and comparing it against the trading environment of the past three, five and ten years, the pace of change and transformation has been phenomenal. For example the disruptive nature of the internet - the advances and adoption of mobile technologies to name just two. Both have been significant game changers and have had an almost 360 degree impact on the way the business of trading is conducted today."

Grosclaude adds that gamification will play an important role in the type of technologies we chose to adopt. "The behaviour and requirements of today's generation Y traders is a good example. For them the adoption and use of devices, such as smart phones, tablets and social media channels is in their very DNA. Combine this with their expectations to be able to trade on demand, when and where they want. In their world, these are not ‘nice to haves’, they are ‘must haves’."

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