April 2004

From the Editor
Integration Is Key
Integration was raised again and again as one of the largest obstacles to creating the perfect broker-workstation environment.

Cover Story

If You Build It, Will They Come?
As wealth managers battle for assets, CIOs are increasingly turning to outside vendors to build best-of-breed technology solutions.

The Beat on the Street
Will VoIP Make its Move to Prime Time?
Believe it or not, three out of four adults have heard of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol [VoIP] technology, according to a recent survey sponsored by AT&T.

Viewing SOX Holistically
It's a good thing that the Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 deadline has been extended, as many on Wall Street weren't quite ready for the June 15 mandate.

Scots Accent Favored for Call Centers
If you're a British financial-services customer contacting a call center, you're likely to be happier if the person answering the phone has a Scottish accent

Product Watch
Infrastructure Instructions; Counting Credit; Mending Breakpoints

Trading & Exchanges
Virtual Mentors Cater to Active Traders
CyberTrader is wooing active traders with online experts, interactive chat rooms and Web-based training courses.

New Kids on the Block
Two new players are offering block-execution systems to buy-side institutions. Can they succeed in a crowded field?

Market Data
It's a Family Affair
If you think your family tree is confusing, check out the data hierarchies being built in Wall Street's data departments.

Investment Technology
Regulators Play Hardball with Soft Dollars
Buy-side firms are facing more disclosure requirements and possible curtailment of soft-dollar commissions applied to investment technology.

GE Asset Management Taps Latent Zero
After several acquisitions, GE Asset Management revamped its firm-wide trade-compliance and order-management systems.

Inside Operations
Outsourcing Case Study
JPMorgan Finds Operational Efficiencies Glasgow-based European Technology Centre paves way for worldwide sourcing model.

Risk Management
Raymond James Extends Security Blanket
The financial-services provider is beefing up security with intrusion-detection software from WholeSecurity.

Focus On: Security
Biometrics Add Security in Insecure Times
Technologies like voice-recognition and fingerprint authentication can add a layer of security while improving customer service and cutting costs.

IT Challenge
IT Challenge: Settlement
The Challenge: For financial services firms, moving away from batch processing is still a challenge. The DTCC's new inventory-management system offers delivery flexibility and helps firms find efficiencies and increase automation in the settlement process.

Industry Voice
JPMorgan, Schwab, Prove Web Services Is More Than Just Hype
In October 2002, Wall Street & Technology ran a feature article titled, "Can Web Services Live Up to the Hype?" Just over a year later, the answer appears to be a resounding 'yes.'

NYSE Taps Pastina for Trading Floor; Futures Pro Joins Hotspot FXi; Merrill's Bottega Moves to CSFB; People on the Move.

NYSE: Fast Market or No Market?
If the NYSE becomes more electronic, its owners (the specialists and floor brokers) will be disadvantaged, and possibly jobless.