November 2004


Innovation In Motion
Wall Street & Technology editors teamed with TowerGroup analysts to highlight IT leaders who are making the biggest differences for their companies. The common thread: They've made technology an indispensible part of their businesses.

A Team That's Built for Speed
When talking these days about the time it takes to get information about a security - when millisecond measurements are standard and the word "microseconds" even occasionally pops up - Archipelago CIO Steven Rubinow is serious when he says he looks first to the laws of physics.

Barclays Conquers Data Issues
Like Jason and the Argonauts, Paul Stevens, CIO at Barclays Global Investors, is on the hunt. But the target of Stevens' interest is what he calls the Golden Source - data of unquestionable integrity.

Hybrid Market, Myriad Challenges
Chief Technology Officer Roger Burkhardt has the unenviable task of automating the New York Stock Exchange and putting it on a level playing field with electronic competitors by creating a hybrid market.

Supporting Growth
From his fourth floor office at his firm's Boston headquarters, Joe Antonellis looks out over State Street's securities lending division's trading floor.

Results-Oriented Approach
LEHMAN BROTHERS' approach to one of its most-difficult IT strategies - outsourcing - offers an example of how CIO Jonathan Beyman leads: Get the right people in place, challenge them and then let them do their jobs and hold them accountable for results.

Calling All VARs
Under constant pressure to improve speed and cut costs, financial-services firms are increasingly turning to value-added resellers for tech help.

BPO Draws Broader Appeal
Faced with ever-increasing pressure to cut costs, more investment firms are tapping business process outsourcing.

Preparing for the Future

--Better Get Used to BPO
--IT in Five Not-So-Easy Steps
--Can-Spam Isn't Doing the Job

Dear CIO...
Upper management views technology as strictly operational support, rather than as a sustainable competitive advantage. How do you put an ROI analysis on something as slippery as competitive advantage?

Generation OPM
Financial institutions take different approaches to overlay management to improve account performance.

Slow, but Powerful
Creating data standards isn't much fun. But work being done now has the potential to transform the financial-services landscape.

Exchanges Explore Data Value
Nasdaq and others wrestle with how and when to sell data

Innovative Technologies & Services
--Wealth Planning With Advice
--LoanStar Supports Clearing
--Ffastfill Relaunches as ASP

People & Careers
--O'Neill Named VP at Xcitek
--BBH Appoints Kaplan As General Counsel
--NYSE Taps Rosen to Market Technology

Wealth Management: Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?
Charles Schwab is in the news again. This time, the news isn't good. Pottruck is out, Charles is back. Wealth management is out, and self-service is back. What went wrong? Was it a failed strategy? A failed implementation? Or both?