March 2005

The New Investment Manager
Investment managers are becoming more sophisticated in the technology they use and the services they offer.

--Regulators in the Driver's Seat
--Support Needed
--Security Is Top of Mind

Dear CIO...
Question: Is Lehman Brothers offering pre-trade analytics and/or algorithmic trading to its buy-side clients? If so, what are the technology challenges and the benefits associated with these offerings?

Cover Story

The demand for separately managed accounts is fueling the financial industry's interest in portfolio manufacturing technology. Wealth managers that automate and implement customized portfolios with assembly-line efficiency are bound to profit from the trend.

Focus On
IT Portfolio Prowess
Investment managers aren't the only ones who need to manage portfolios. Now, the CIO does, too.

IT Projects Require More Than Just Management
Before a firm can manage a project portfolio, it must manage individual projects effectively.

Business Lines:
Cashing In on Retirement
Fidelity taps a booming market of retirees with its latest retirement-services package.

Making Monte Carlo Work
A recent NASD rule change gives brokers at Commonwealth Financial Network a new tool to add in their investment analysis arsenal.

A Watchdog to Watch
No longer neglected or rudderless, the SEC and CIO Corey Booth plan to make great strides to reshape its IT culture.

Hedge Fund Services Heat Up
Prime brokers, fund administrators and technology providers are all targeting hedge funds with increased services offerings.

Blend It In - But Not Too Much
ING COO Catherine Smith hopes a little business discipline will improve the IT organization's efficiency.

CIO Challenge
Managing traditional analog hoot-n-holler networks, which are critical to investment management firms' operations, can be expensive and challenging, so many CIOs are eyeing alternatives. For some, the answer is IP telephony.

Industry Voice
Beyond EAI
During the past few years, the financial-services industry invested significant resources in implementing enterprise application integration (EAI) technology solutions to foster real-time connectivity of applications and sharing of information among internal enterprise systems as well as with external partners' systems.

Product Watch
--Nexa Launches Black-Box System
--PAETEC Pushes IP Technology
--Portfolio Analysis Goes 3-D

Shifting Gears -- People & Careers
--Whalen Named CIO of RJO
--Lee Establishes Aite Group
--Deloitte Appoints AML Authority
--Keeping Tabs

The NYSE Floor: A Question of Control
What is it about the floor - the history, the frenzy, the money, the legacy?