September 2005
Restructuring Risk
Redefining Risk
As holistic mandates such as Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley rouse renewed focus on risk management, financial services firms are altering traditional structures and introducing new roles. JPMorgan leads the pack.

FOCUS ON: Data Centers
Always Be Prepared
Data recovery sites are a major component of Wall Street firms' business continuity plans.

IT/Business Alignment
Often, business leaders' goals compete with the technology group's priorities. To ensure that enterprisewide performance remains the No. 1 goal, the CIO must keep the lines of communication open and educate the business about technology alternatives.

Lines of Communication
As firms attempt to speed up the legal search and retrieval process, unified messaging offers a logical answer. Or does it?

The Long Road to Integration
As Lehman Bothers' acquisition of Neuberger Berman illustrates, post-merger integration is a hard journey.

Reconcilable Differences
After centralizing its global reconciliations operations, RBC now plans to deploy SmartStream's TLM Reconciliations platform.

Mutual Fund Musts
By: Atul Seth, Senior Associate, Infosys Technologies
Historically, compliance requirements for investment management companies have been driven by regulations.

Redefining Risk
It wasn't long ago that risk management implied VaR (value at risk) and ERM (enterprise risk management). Today, however, in an age of Sarbanes-Oxley, The USA Patriot Act, software viruses, spyware, physical security and transit bombs, financial markets risk has a completely new meaning.

18 Months Outside the Box
It could be the buzz that surrounds the industry. Or maybe it's the industry's fixation on the latest, fastest and most cutting-edge technology that brought me back after an 18-month break. In what other industry can a millisecond improvement in transaction speed translate into exponential profits?

Macgregor Proves Compliance

Hedge Fund Accounting

MessageGate Monitors E-Mail

Atkin Joins Outsell as Vice President

Lind Leaves TowerGroup For GoldenSource

Jaffe Leaves CCO Post at OTA Financial

Keeping Tabs

Cyber Crime Falls

Spending On Grid Technology To Rise

IT Spending Growth Remains Flat

Millionaires Seek Virtual Services

CIOs Get Respect

Dear CIO...
Because data management has become so important in the industry, will we see a C-level data manager, such as a Chief Data Officer or Data Czar to manage front- to back-office data holistically and globally for the firm?