November 2005
Streaming Liquidity
Streaming Liquidity
Seth Merrin, the visionary founder of Liquidnet, is at it again. This time, Merrin, who launched Liquidnet in 2001, is hoping to fix the inefficiencies of the U.S. equity market with a new version of Liquidnet that brings in retail-size order flow to match against the existing wholesale liquidity pool.

FOCUS ON: Risk Management
Understanding the Stakes
To get a better handle on their organizations' risk exposure, many firms are turning to enterprisewide risk management.

Measuring IT's Value
By: Leslie Kramer
To ensure that IT dollars are spent wisely, business executives often require CIOs to quantify the return on technology investments. But ROI isn't always the best measure of an IT project's value. To prove IT's worth, many CIOs are employing new metrics.

By the Dashboard Light
As regulatory concerns persist, many firms are turning to dashboard technology to simplify compliance initiatives.

A Slice of the Boomer Pie
Firms are upping wealth management spending and examining enterprisewide solutions in hopes of luring mass-affluent clients.

SMAs Still Lack Automation
As the popularity of separately managed accounts grows, so do the processing and operational headaches for money managers.

Mutual Funds Wake-Up Call
Eugene Gilerson, Product Manager
For all the talk about high management fees, tax inefficiencies, high turnover and long-term under-performance compared to major market indexes, the mutual fund industry has enjoyed a steady dose of cash inflows over the past decade.

Innovation Dilemma
When you think of the securities and investments industry, of what do you think? Operational efficiency? Definitely. Bleeding-edge technology? You bet. Innovation? Well, not so much.

Self-Service Compliance
Vhayu Improves Trading Execution
Customized Managed Security Services

Costly Timing
Missed Opportunity
CSFB Buy-Side Research
Consumer Data At Risk
Financial Sector to Add IT Staff in Q4
15 Criteria for IT Purchases
In Box

Roney Joins Rosenblatt Securities
Elliott Brings Payments Experience to Glenbrook Partners
Edelstein Heads New BT Business Unit
Keeping Tabs

Bonds Ain't Stocks
There has been a lot of hype lately around fixed-income algorithmic trading. Now, I love hype, but I don't see high-speed direct market access/algorithmic trading technologies - which have become so hot in the U.S. equities markets - migrating into the fixed-income markets anytime soon.