December 2005
Filling the Tech-Talent Pipeline
Filling the Tech-Talent Pipeline
To ensure the future of their technology organizations, some Wall Street firms are promoting IT careers.

FOCUS ON: On-Demand Computing
On-Demand Is in Demand
On-demand computing offers Wall Street firms more-efficient utilization of technology resources and added flexibility.

Direct From the Source
Brokerage firm eSpeed Equities taps direct ECN order book data feeds through a hosted solution.

Scottrade Upgrades Active Traders to Nasdaq's TotalView
Active traders clamoring to see all stock liquidity beyond the best bid and offer could push retail brokerage firms to deliver depth-of-book order feeds on their trading platforms.

E-Mail Contention
Broker-dealer Raymond James Financial Services did what few other firms have done: fight SEC allegations - and win.

Transition Management Evolves
Global custodians and index fund managers are using electronic trading and risk measurement tools to compete with the sell side.

Credit Derivatives Fears
Both the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the U.K.'s FSA are pressuring market participants to improve credit derivatives processing.

BPM: It's All About Efficiency
Laura Mooney, Director, Metastorm
No financial services firm has yet developed a silver bullet for the competitive challenges looming in this highly competitive industry. Though innovation exists, minimal product differentiation remains, and no offering has delivered an overwhelming edge in some time.

Growing Pains
During the bearish economy after the dot-com bubble burst, information technologists were faced with a grim job market - jobs were hard to find, partially as a result of offshore outsourcing, and the ones that were available paid significantly less than jobs at the height of the boom.

Business Process Outsourcing
By: Leslie Kramer
As Wall Street firms reevaluate their core competencies, once-strategic business processes are now being outsourced. But deciding which processes to outsource and managing the provider relationship remain critical to success.

Fixed-Income Analytics
BPG Goes To the OPERA
Impact's Retirement Road Map

Rising Equity Stakes
The Data Integration Challenge
Crossing Networks Attract New Entrants
Future Connectivity
Stronger Authentication
Workstation Vendor Ratings

Framke Promoted to E*Trade CIO
Back Joins Citigroup GTS
Noll New Pioneer CIO
Keeping Tabs

The Sins of the Few
The equity research model is not only broken, it is destroyed. In trying to clean up the research process, we have thrown out the baby with the bath water.