March 2006

Brokerage Teams Tackle Reg NMS as Deadline Looms
Brokerage Teams Tackle Reg NMS as Deadline Looms
Reg NMS teams are swinging into action at brokerage firms as the June 29 deadline looms. But with so many rule clarifications still pending, preparations likely will come down to the wire.

Business Lines

Repo Invasion
Tullett Prebon and BGC are launching platforms to compete against ICAP's BrokerTec, the dominant player in repo trading.

Compliance for Less
Despite personnel and budget constraints, two small firms find proven solutions to fulfill their compliance needs.

Jumping Into the (Pension) Pool
Northern Trust has found that creating a tax-transparent, cross-border pension vehicle poses more than just technological challenges.

Prime Time for Primes
As competition heats up, hedge fund servicing providers must choose a service model: full-service prime brokerage or specialized 'mini-prime.'

Aggregation: Back to the Future
Aggregation was dead. Except for the recent acquisition of RealTick/Townsend Analytics by Lehman Brothers, the aggregation business has been in the doldrums for the past year and a half.

Holistic Information Availability
The securities sector's recovery strategies have always been valuable, but now a more proactive approach is needed to ensure information availability.

Ticktock, Ticktock
Sometimes, time is on your side; sometimes, it's not.

CIO Challenge
THE CHALLENGE: Business continuity means more than backing up data. To ensure that business disruptions don't shut down operations, firms must provide employees with remote access to critical systems, which can be more challenging than keeping the systems running in the first place.

Brokerage Teams Tackle Reg NMS as Deadline Looms
Security Begins at the Start
The DTCC is working to integrate security into the beginning stages of the application development process.

Partnership Offers Grid Solution
ClearCube Technology (Austin, Texas) and DataSynapse (New York) have partnered to offer a combination hardware and software platform for grid computing.

Trading Technologies Trades Up
Chicago-based Trading Technologies International (TT) has launched X_TRADER 7, the next generation of its X_TRADER trading platform.


DTCC Hires Derivatives Expert
Derivatives processing authority Bill Stenning joined the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC) as VP of business development.

Stealth Algorithm
Instinet (New York) unveiled Cobra, a stealth algorithm that, according to the company, removes portions of liquidity when available, leaving the stock's spread unchanged.

Morris to Cohead BNY Program Trading
Bank of New York subsidiary BNY Brokerage promoted Derek Morris from SVP of program trading sales to cohead of the program trading business.

Gal Joins Deutsche Asset Management

Keeping Tabs

Hybrid Outsourcing
Vetting Fraud Solutions
Hedgies Open Their Wallets
Data Standards Take a Hit
Small Businesses Big Biz for Banks
Little Confidence In Online Banking