May 2006

Trading Off the News
Wall Street firms are working with XML news feeds that turn news events into data signals. Will the next set of algorithms be based on news feeds?

Credit Suisse Relates News to Relationships
With 300 equity analysts around the globe, Credit Suisse and head of equity research Stefano Natella wanted to develop a system that could make connections among news events on a specific company and the other companies affected by the news.

High on Low-Latency Data
Leading a growing trend among investment banks, Bear Stearns brings in direct exchange feeds for its quantitative trading platform.

Logistics of E-Delivery
An SEC proposal would make the Internet the default mode of delivery for shareholder proxy voting materials, but is it a good idea?

Assembling the Risk Puzzle
For Fairfield Greenwich Group, aggregating an accurate risk picture across externally managed vehicles requires flexible solutions.

Standard Protocol
Fischer Francis Trees & Watts becomes the first asset manager to use the FIX 4.4 message standard in a live environment.

Beyond Registration
The investment community was fixated on hedge fund SEC registration for months leading up to the February 2005 deadline, especially managers who were challenged to file their Form ADVs.
Going Numb
Nowadays, it takes a lot more to get a reaction from most people --another death in Iraq, another corporate scandal, another serial killer. Next. It seems we're numb to even the most-horrific news.

Application Portfolio Management
At large financial services firms, tracking and monitoring IT applications can be difficult. Employing a portfolio management model, however, can increase efficiency, reduce costs and streamline IT operations.

High-Volume Stream Processor
Elemental Unveils ESP v2.0
IPC's Next-Generation Turret

Johnson Enjoys View at Financial Network Architect Leaves JPMC
OppenheimerFunds Brings In Jim Bailey
Keeping Tabs

New Phishing Twists
Leaky Online Channels
Four Keys to Stronger Online Security
Reconciliation to Grow Steadily
Identity Fraud Is Finding Fewer U.S. Victims
Cover Up Those Holes
Playing Catch Up On Reg NMS
Ask The Expert:Careers
SaaS Model Proving Versatility


Trading Partners
We live in a world of trust. We want to believe that everyone is good, and Ozzie and Harriet live next door. Unfortunately this world does not exist -- especially online.

Tony Soprano and My Social Security Number
Two major news stories came out last month that I can't get out of my mind.