January 2007

The Trouble With Customers and Their Data
The cost of customer data exposure is increasing, and the financial services industry is trying to reconcile the price of customer data protection with the increasingly disconcerting ramifications of its loss.

Equifax's Big Spend on Security
Budgets are up as businesses attempt to thwart more-sophisticated cybercrimes.

Stock Exchanges Create Trade Reporting Facilities to Earn Market Data Fees From Internalized Trades
With the number of dark books and alternative trading systems proliferating, stock exchanges are venturing into the trade reporting business to earn market data fees from reporting off-exchange trades.

The NYSE Focuses on Improving Data Integrity
The NYSE Group adopts a 'defense-in-depth' strategy to secure sensitive data and comply with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Turner Investment Partners Makes Client Information Available on Remote Devices
Turner Investment Partners finally is beginning to realize the benefits of automated customer relationship management.

Growing in Popularity, Unified Managed Accoutns Simplify the Investment Process
As unified managed accounts go mainstream, new technologies are emerging to support the next wave of wealth management.

Leading Fund Administrators Are Building Out Their Fund Administration Services
As competition forces hedge funds to move into more-complex instruments in search of higher returns, middle- and back-office functions also are becoming more complex and cumbersome.

Hot Labor Market Leaves Firms Searching for Quants
What do CNN talking head Lou Dobbs and the financial industry have in common?

Investment Banking on the Go
Thomson Launches New OMS
TBI Broker Pricing Feed

Citi Man Moves to Fifth Third
Prill Ends Retirement for BISYS
Instinet Nabs TCA Specialist
Keeping Tabs

Pricey, But Worth It
Demand for Depository Receipts to Stay Strong
Bulge-Brackets Look to Keep Algo Edge
IM Invasion
Securities Lending Continues Growth
Ask The Experts: Customer Account Security

Marianne Brown Replaces Adam Bryan as Omgeo's President and CEO
The new head of Omgeo talks about her plans for the future of the automated post-trade, pre-settlement trade management services provider.

Alternative Investment Participants and Their Service Providers Are Upgrading Their IT Infrastructures and Applications
Assets managed by the alternative investment community -- principally hedge funds, funds of funds and private equity -- have continued to demonstrate strong growth.

Financial Institutions Must Be Prepared for Future Terrorist Attacks
We lived through 9/11. We lived through the London, Madrid and Bali bombings, too. Now al-Qaeda wants to destroy our financial technology infrastructure by launching a cyber attack against our online banking and stock trading infrastructure. Luckily, nothing came of this early December event, but we certainly need to be prepared for future attacks.