November 2007
Financial Firms Continue to Struggle to Plug Security Loopholes

Financial Firms Continue to Struggle to Plug Security Loopholes
New technologies, such as pattern analysis, as well as awareness and training can help financial services firms keep attacks at bay.

How Are U.S. Businesses and Lawmakers Responding to Data Breaches?
Nearly 77 million individuals have been affected by data breaches so far this year. But even after suffering a data breach, 46 percent of businesses failed to implement encryption solutions and 82 percent did not seek legal counsel prior to responding to the incident -- even though they had no prior response plan in place.

Economical iSCI Storage Area Networks Appearing In More Large Business Operations
An affordable iSCSI storage area network can power enterprise-class business continuity.


Online Security Attacks Against Financial Institutions Rapidly
As the number of hack attacks continues to rise, experts say companies must use multiple factors of authentication, risk analysis and people to protect themselves.

Schwab, Investment Managers Prepare for Retirement Boom
Some of the 78 million baby boomers are about to retire -- how will financial advisors cope with the deluge?

What Can AMD and Intel's Quad-Core Chips Do for Wall Street Firms?
New chips offer the ability to run applications faster and consolidate servers. But they also may require old applications to be rewritten.

Emerging Market Frenzy
As asset flows chase hot returns in emerging markets, global order-routing networks are increasing connectivity.

Larry Tabb Predicts Financial Trends for 2008
Larry Tabb of TABB Group discusses the trends that, although not new, will gain significance in the coming year.

Fearless Investors Jump Into New Markets
While too much fear can paralyze the decision-making process, a healthy balance of fear and risk taking just might help avoid the next market crisis.

Exchange Market Share Set to Decline Due to Competition from Nimble Dark Pools and ECNs
Aite Group expects to see an increasing decline for the exchange market share as NYSE, NASDAQ and regional exchanges struggle against price-competitive ECNs and dark pools.

Gen X Has Biggest Demand for Financial Solutions, Offers Wealth of Opportunity to Financial Insitutions
Gen Xers have greatest need for financial solutions out of any age group. But financial institutions need to provide more transparent guidance to earn their trust.

Mass Affluent Use Online Banks
With an increasing number of high net-worth consumers now using Internet-based financial insitutions, traditional banks must rise to the challenge or face losing out.

Asset Flows Move to Hedge Funds, says TABB Group
Most fund managers believe the growth of active-extension funds will increase as the pressure for increased yield and increased fees push traditional managers into this new area.

Financial Firms to Increase IT Hiring in Fourth Quarter
Corporate growth is driving the need for more IT staff in the financial industry. But the market for skilled candidates is increasingly tight.

Milestone Unveils Flagship Funds Processing Solution in the U.S.
The Flagship Funds processing solution is used primarily for cutting NAVs on mutual funds.

Reuters Launches New Enterprise Data Management Solution Offering Full Automation
The ability to deploy a comprehensive and cost-effective EDM strategy allows participants to improve the management of trading and operational risk.

The Repercussion of MiFID and Reg NMS in the U.S.
U.S. institutions must educate themselves on the differences and similiarities between the two regulations to ensure they know the rules and are able to comply.

Pershing Hires Mark Tibergien
Pershing Advisor Solutions provides financial business solutions to more than 1,150 institutional and retail financial organizations as well as independent registered investment advisors.

Euroclear Taps Shipton
Euroclear is currently developing a new technology platform to consolidate all of its securities-settlement activities -- from Belgian and French to U.K. securities -- onto one processing system.

Rosenblatt Securities Hires Tom Sanders to Build Out International Trading
Eyeing the regulatory changes in European equity markets with MiFID, Rosenblatt Securities hired Tom Sanders as a managing director to build an international trading desk for the New York-based institutional agency only broker.