September 2008


Keith White, Vice President, IT Risk and Business Continuity Management, Credit Suisse
Keith White, Vice President, IT Risk and Business Continuity Management, Credit Suisse

Financial Firms Try to Protect Themselves Against the Insider Job
Following the Societe Generale scandal, Wall Street firms have reexamined their internal security practices. But a number of factors, including the economic downturn and business pressures, continue to make rogue employees a very real threat.
5 Steps for Stopping the Insider Threat
Guardium's Phil Neray offers guidance on preventing insider data theft.



Online Brokers Woo Active Traders With Service, Support and Tools
As trading technology becomes a commodity, online brokers are wooing active traders with trading communities, webinars and high-end support.
Online Brokers Are Beefing Up Their Options Trading Platforms for Active Traders
Online brokers are upgrading their trading platforms to meet demand from active traders for options trading.


Virtual Sprawl Hits Wall Street
Rapid server virtualization has set the stage for a new malady known as "virtual sprawl." Here's what Wall Street firms are doing about it.

BPO Continues to Evolve
With financial services-specific expertise increasing among business process outsourcing providers, knowledge process outsourcing looks to be the next generation of outsourcing services.


The Almost-Meteoric Rise of SaaS on Wall Street
Salesforce, SunGard and other providers are pitching Software-as-a-Service as a universal answer to application needs. But how many Wall Street firms will adopt SaaS beyond CRM?


Now Is the Time for Firms to Position Themselves for the End of the Economic Downturn
Downturns happen -- the industry will survive. But firms need to adjust to changing market dynamics, says TABB Group's Larry Tabb.


Wall Street Plays Musical Chairs With C-Suite Executives
Amidst mass layoffs, top-notch technology talent is even easier to find. Meanwhile, CIO-level executives continue to move back and forth from firm to firm.


Post-SocGen, Firms Increase Focus on Risk
Despite renewed efforts to reduce risk, better communications and same-day affirmation for derivatives trading remain major concerns for financial firms.

Hedge Funds Continue to Attract Institutional Investors But Face New Challenges
A new report from Celent finds that the big players will continue to capture the lion's share of new inflows from institutional investors; but they are also likely to face increasing market and regulatory challenges.

Anti-Money Laundering Budgets Expected to Grow Modestly
Aite Group study finds that most banks' anti-money laundering staffing budgets will increase more than 5% over the next two years.

Study Finds That Most Fund Administrators Worry About Back-Office Errors
Automation efforts are aimed at eliminating risk resulting from manual error more than at cutting costs.

Investors' Confidence in U.S. Capital Markets Drops
Shaken by market turmoil, investors want more user-friendly reports, more public disclosure, and an international set of accounting standards, survey finds.


Customized Analytics a Must for Compliance and Fraud Detection
In addition to highlighting aberrations, a well-implemented integrated analytics approach also offers operational improvement, according to Sam Bennikutty and Vikas Agarwal of Ernst & Young.


Clearwater Launches Money Fund Transparency Platform
After burning their fingers on mortgage-backed securities, and with financial markets still in turmoil, investors are demanding greater transparency, Clearwater says.

Landmark Launches New BankBroker for Streamlined Compliance
New features on the data aggregation solution include Alert Monitor, a new compliance feature that provides streamlined compliance through a single dashboard.

OptionXpress Unveils New Smart Router
XpressRouter simultaneously monitors quotes from all U.S. options exchanges and queries alternative liquidity sources to find the best prices.


Carl Carrie Leaves JPMorgan to Pursue Next Venture
Carrie looks to the fixed-income, credit and commodity markets.

Merrill Lynch Hires Two Citi Tech Leaders
Chris Augustin and Pradeep Pai are the two latest former Citi executives to join Merrill Lynch.

Markit Hires Morgan Stanley Credit Head
Armins Rusis joins Markit's executive board after 17 years with Morgan Stanley.