June 2009


Enter the Dragon

China's Mutual Fund Industry Goes International
China is opening its mutual fund industry to international investing, injecting more than 1 billion potential investors into the international markets. Meanwhile, Western fund managers and technology providers are scrambling to provide much needed expertise to Chinese investment firms.

20 of the Top Chinese Fund Management Companies
The Chinese mutual fund industry is currently 1/10th of the size of the U.S. industry, but is growing fast. Here are 20 of the top Chinese fund management companies, which also include joint ventures with some big Western banks.

Primary Technology Vendors in China
Many vendors are already at work providing services in China. Here are some of the key Chinese financial technology vendors, as well as a short list of some of the Western technology providers with operations in China.

7 Tips for Doing Business in China
Those doing business in China must remember that the country is steeped in strict cultural and social traditions, so we've compiled some tips on what you really need to know to succeed.


WeSeed Looks to Provide Wall Street With a Cash Infusion
Jennifer Openshaw, TV personality and Weseed cofounder, has her own agenda for kick-starting the economy: Educate and motivate non-investors to start putting their money into the Street.


Retail Financial Services Firms Must Adapt to Changing Landscape
With investors' trust shaken, firms need new approaches to working with wealth management clients.


OTC, Central Clearing or Exchange-Traded: Choosing the Right Path
Increasing capital reserve requirements for OTC self-cleared products would change the economics of the marketplace and may nudge the indusrty toward an exchange-traded model.


Still Stressed Over Bank Stress Tests
Although investors greeted the results of the government's banking stress tests with cheers, were the tests strict enough to help prevent another financial meltdown?


Wall Street Opens Doors to Open Source Technologies
The recession combined with access to a worldwide community of developers is driving capital markets firms to adopt open source technologies in increasing numbers.


Mashups Slowly Gain Traction on Wall Street
While adoption of mashups by capital markets firms has been slow, the technology promises to empower business users, improve information sharing, boost productivity and strengthen customer relationships -- if security concerns can be overcome.


Citi Taps CEP for Analyzing Equity Data
Global financial giant uses Coral8 software to perform complex pattern matching on equity data in real time.

Extreme Makeover: Broker Workstation Edition
A quest for increased adviser productivity and a forthcoming cost-basis reporting law are driving wealth management technology integrations and upgrades at Canada's largest brokerage, RBC Dominion Securities, and U.S. advisory firm Silver Bridge as well as others.


E*Trade Accelerates Mobile Trading
Upgrading from a basic WAP app to a thick client helped drive a 139 percent increase in daily average revenue trades.

Exchanges, Banks and Brokerages Start Tweeting
Exchanges, brokerages, banks and regulators are all jumping on the Twitter bandwagon and exploring new ways to reach out to their customers -- and sometimes their foes.


Sungard Launches New Adaptiv Enterprise Risk Solution
The solutions features enhancements to areas such as collateral management, market risk and operational efficiency and control.

Skyler Releases Solution for Management of Multiple Market Data Sources
Solution targeted at firms that rely on more than one source of data for the pricing of the instruments they trade.

Activ Financial and Hanweck Upgrade Joint Options Analytics Solution
Ballista ATS says it's achieved ten-fold performance improvements with enhanced solution.