April 2011


Inside the Bloomberg Machine
Thirty years after it was founded, Bloomberg LP has woven its technology into the fabric of Wall Street's front office. Superior customer service and rapid technology upgrades have generated a loyal customer base and billions in profits. Here's an inside look at how Bloomberg pushes out new technology at a phenomenal pace.

In His Own Words: Q&A with Bloomberg Cofounder Thomas Secunda
Thomas Secunda, one of the cofounders of Bloomberg LP, shares his thoughts on higher education, rapid technology development, financial services transparency, higher education and more.

Attack of the Botnets
The emergence of botnets and other off-the-shelf cyber-crime tools has transformed hacking into a point-and-click process.

New Technologies To Stop Insider Trading
With the biggest insider trading trial in history currently under way, Wall Street firms are ramping up their technology to try to prevent market abuses before it's too late.

Firms Adopt New Tools to Aggregate Reports
To meet client demand for transparency and minimize risk, asset and wealth managers are dumping unweildy spreadsheets for technology that streamlines and automates report aggregation, including cloud-based, best-of-breed and in-house solutions.

Customer Service 101: Lessons from Honda, Apple and Bloomberg
To provide great customer service, an organization needs to be nimble, knowledgeable, available and empowered. Often, service representatives have one, two or even three of these traits, but they rarely exhibit all four. SPECIAL REPORT
Aite Report: Capital Markets Firms to Increase IT Spending
Capital markets firms will spend more than $44 billion on technology globally in 2011, a welcomed 6 percent jump over 2010 spending, according to Aite Group.

Wells Fargo Keeps its Personal Smartphone Policy Simple: They're Not Allowed
A Wells Fargo employee can connect to Wells Fargo's network using any mobile device he or she wants as long as it's the device Wells Fargo provides them.

Thomson Reuters Teams With Redkite On Market Surveillance
Redkite's market surveillance solution will pull in Thomson Reuter's news and data, while running in the Elektron hosted environment.

Northern Trust Rolls Out Enhanced Passport for Institutional Clients
The latest version of passport includes drag-and-drop capabilities, new risk management tools and reporting functions.

4 Steps for Preparing for Disaster -- What Every Manager Should Know
If firms truly want to survive a disaster, preparation must be about more than just data.

The 'Rubin 300' - A Experimental Market Index of Tech Leaders
An experimental market index of technology leaders shows that IT is a key driver of business success, even when the economy has slowed.

Flash Crashes, Sacred Cows and Doing the Right Thing
Industry pressures to forgo preferencing restrictions and trade-at rules will be intense, says special contributing editor Larry Tabb, even if the new rules are the right prescription for staving off another flash crash.