February 2012: Conquering Market Data

Taming the Market Data Beast
Hedge funds are overwhelmed by market data -- and yet they want even more. How can smaller funds and prop shops tame the market data beast?

Plus: Market Data -- Looking Back to Get Ahead
Hedge fund managers are digging deep into yesterday's data to uncover a trading edge.


Traders Face Weak Hiring Prospects in 2012
Capital markets firms remain hungry for quants and risk management professionals. But quantitative analysts are likely to spurn Wall Street for more lucrative offers at social media powerhouses like Facebook or LinkedIn.

2012 Hedge Fund Outlook: Investors Expect Bright Year After Stormy 2011
Hedge fund assets should reach pre-crisis levels this year as investors bet big on the sector, experts predict.


New Market Data Model Promises to Boost Trading Performance
Trading firms can cut costs, boost efficiencies and accelerate speed to market by embracing market data as a service.


Market Data: Pump Up the Volume
Even while everyone complains about the record-breaking volume of market data, buy-side traders want more.


From Fame to Fortune: 7 Former Pro Athletes Who Are Winning on Wall Street
With the rush of competing in a pressurized environment that's reminiscent of their playing days and the lure of big paychecks, former star athletes, including Hall of Fame QB Steve Young, see finance as a natural second career.


Despite Global Market Connectivity, Trading in Emerging Markets Remains a Challenge
Market data, workflow tools and other trading challenges are particularly painful hurdles in emerging markets.


Is a Shorter Trading Day the Cure for What Ails the Markets?
Volume at the close is way up, and retail investors are nowhere to be seen. Sometimes a sick market needs strong medicine. In this case, it could be a one-hour trading day.


HFT Firms Brace for a New, Bolder SEC
The unfolding new year could see the arrival of a new, more powerful Securities and Exchange Commission. Now we'll have to see how high-frequency-trading firms react.